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02. What ALTEX offers?

We place at your disposal the first multipurpose industrial supercritical carbonic dioxide plant, designed and built in Spain using its own technology.
Altex was created as a technological infrastructure to provide service according to the requirements of each user company. The main features of the plant are:

4 individual extractors each of a 1000 litres capacity.
3 500 litres separators which allow extracts to be fractionated.
  A pressure system for pumping up to 350 bars of injection co-solvent.
  Equipped to recover the CO2 given off in each process.
  Equipment to optimize for prime raw materials processing.
  Heating system for temperatures up to 100ºC heat coupled with two circuits for maximum energy efficiency.
  A sterilised laboratory area for packaging ,equipped with a facility for inert packaging of volatile products.