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03. A versatile and cost-effective process

The versatility of the plant offers a wide range of applications in various sectors:

Extractive application for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry:

Extraction, fractionation and purification of active medicinal plant ingredients.
Obtaining herbal extracts from aromatic plants.
Waste solvents disposal.

Extraction processes for the food industry:

Extraction and purification of vegetable fats and oils.
Extraction of spices, natural dyes, fragrances, essences and plant alkaloids, and removal of pesticides.
Obtaining nutraceutical products and dietary supplements such as: vitamins, antioxidants from plants or essential oils, fish oil or derivatives deodorised and purified, e.t.c.
Elimination of impurities either natural or from intermediate processes.

Non-extractive applications:

Obtaining crystalline particles (encapsulation, re-crystallisation).
Improving the quality and conservation of products by (disinfection, or insecticide.)..
Treatment of materials: elimination of mineral oils of electronic parts and industrial materials, or injection of conservatives, in wood, dyed fabrics, etc.

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